As the Sun Rises (13)

Complexities of the Heart

Lord I shall keep you in my heart

and cherish you forever

yet I should warn you

sometimes I collect other things in there too

like lukewarm affirmation from others

that suggest I hold some temporary value

and the nervous competitions I engage in

between only myself and me

and the passing reflection in the mirror

of the dim hallway bathroom

where I see all of my imperfections at once

and also the words that cut deep

from last year- or maybe the year before

that told me I was unworthy and unloved

yes Lord I hide all of these things in there too

sometimes its too much

sometimes it leaves no room for you

but you gift me with your joy anyways

the kind words you speak

nudge everything else aside

because you saw my iniquity

but in exchange for it all my Lord

you crowned me with steadfast love

and your sweet mercy



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