As the Sun Rises (12)


You are like aloe

soothing my burned skin.

I knew not to go out into the sun for long

yet I followed my own pride anyways.

that’s the thing about sun

it’s good for the soul

and it’s fun for awhile

but then you get burned

because the sun isn’t forgiving.

not in the same way you are.

so the sun is a great goal but if I stay too long

I let myself burn with harsh tan lines on my skin

everything becomes right or wrong,

black or white, 

and that’s when it gets dangerous.

but you already know my burns and my pale spots

and you love me anyways.

you cool and heal my wounds

and tell me that I don’t need to stand in the sun that long.

you and I both know though 

I’ll be out again tomorrow

trying to prove that I love you 

and that I want to honor you.

so I’ll stand in the sun

with all the discipline I can muster

until I burn again and you call me back inside.

Lord I know you’ll soothe me,

but everyone else is still standing outside.

“what if they think I don’t love you”

I worry to myself,

as you heal my burns and pull me close.

“I didn’t create the sun so you can burn yourself”

you whisper back to me and I allow myself to stay inside today.


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