This summer I found myself diving into worship music in a whole new way. Looking back on the last two years of spiritual turmoil and despair, it seems that all my brightest moments were surrounded by worship music. Either it led me to feel God’s love while I was running away from Him, or it lifted me up out of deep pits of legalism, judgement, and shame. Incredible songs filled with Scripture allowed me to feel the Spirit move within me, even when I was feeling tossed around by my surroundings. I truly think it was in this way that God kept a hold of my heart during my time in college so far.

The Lord is so faithful, and I couldn’t really see it until I came home to Holy Cross this summer. I received encouragement and discipleship that led me to a spiritual healing process. It was here that I could look back and see God’s use of music in my life to let me know that He was still standing with me in all of my hurt, pain, and fear. He held me so that I could not let go, even if I tried.

Therefore, I wanted to share some of the songs that might be encouraging, worshipful, and powerful to anyone else who feels like they’re carrying a backpack full of stones that they picked up or others gave them. Here are some tunes that helped me feel the love and glory of God, as well as drop the baggage that I was carrying.

Beauty For Ashes

This song explains the beautiful trade of our sins for the righteousness of Christ. It’s an incredible reminder of the mystery of grace and the love the Lord has for us.

The Doxology//Amen

I absolutely love liturgy and the Doxology was always a classic on Sunday mornings before Communion. It’s simple, yet full of joyful praise.

Holy and Anointed One

Oh Jesus, your name is like honey on my lips, your spirit is like water to my soul. Such a beautiful song for a beautiful King.

Be Thou My Vision

The classic hymn, from which Audrey Assad creates a truly worship and awe-filled song. I played this song on repeat before I would fall asleep, especially after a rough day.

How Can I Keep From Singing

Since Christ is Lord of Heaven and Earth, how can I keep from singing? I love Audrey Assad clearly, but this song has such a great outlook on Joy from the Lord, and definitely cheers me up.

Let My Words Be Few

A wonderful, simple worship song with the lovely reminder that we don’t need a lofty vocabulary to praise Him. Definitely a great song for when I don’t know necessarily what to say, but want to pray and offer myself to the Lord.

Christ Be All Around Me

When I just needed to call upon the Lord for strength and guidance during times of confusion and uncertainty.

So I will forever sing a loud, beautiful noise for the Lord, not just because of His faithfulness to me, but just because of who He is. God, we praise you.


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