This past weekend I had fall break and was able to visit the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee with some campus outreach people! I had so much fun hiking and camping and thought I would share some photos I took while I was there!

SalPal and I in Downtown Gatlinburg! We got to take a day trip here to do some touristy things! It was such a cute little town where all of the stores were cottages and everything was focused on nature! 
Here’s a panorama of a river and a log bridge that I found on a run right on the campsite! I had to come back and take a picture! 
This is the log bridge closer-up. It’s literally a tree cut in half with a railing attached to it over a river! If this isn’t “granola” I don’t know what is.
All of the girls got to take a picture in Gatlinburg! We also strategically planned to look this nature-esque, but I think we looked like naturals. 
What a cute mug wall! This was at the Life is Good store in Gatlinburg! It was such a happy store filled with fun things- and what a perfect reminder it was to know that life IS good when you get to have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe!
Veggie socks- a must! Also a find in Gatlinburg. They had a whole store devoted to just socks! How perfect?!
This was a mini waterfall that we hiked a few vertical miles to get to! It was worth the view, but the water was ice-cold!
Much needed time in the Word one morning. I’ve definitely been in a slump in regards to spending time in His word, but luckily I have great community to hold me accountable!
9 mile hike for the beauty that was this waterfall!! (Don’t let my smile fool you- I couldn’t breathe the last mile up!)

That was the trip in a nutshell! It was awesome to get to rough it for a few days, but I am definitely glad to be back at PC with showers and heat and a dining hall (eek I know)!

Lord, You are such a good Father. Help me feel more of You during the chaos of student life! Your plans are sovereign and are so much better than I could ever imagine.


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