“All who are thirsty,

all who are weak,

come to the fountain,

dip your heart in the stream of life,

let the pain and the sorrow,

be washed away,

in the waves of his mercy,

as deep cries out to deep,

we sing: come Lord, Jesus come.”

I’m not sure why but this song has been on my heart all day! The Lord really speaks to me through different worship and praise songs, and today was no different. I absolutely adore this song because it shares the true openness of the gospel. Jesus came for anyone who desires him! You don’t have to be perfect, or have it all together (which is good because none of us do). Jesus came for the broken, the weary, and those who are in need of grace. That’s us!! We talked tonight at CO about how awesome His love for us is, because none of us earned it, and we have nothing to pay back. It’s as if we ran a 5k, but got a medal for finishing a marathon. We did none of the work, but we get all of the reward. Jesus lived a perfect life, and gave it all to us, in order for us to be closer to God. Read that again if it doesn’t sink in. When we come to meet the Lord, we aren’t judged for the mistakes we’ve made or the sins we regret. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you have done. Jesus died for ALL of those who are thirsty.

Lord thank you so much for your sweet mercy.

Song: “All who are thirsty” by Kutless

Photo: taken by me on a morning hike 🙂


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