“We love because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19

Lord, you are the best love I ever had. I don’t tell You that enough.

What a whirlwind of a week. From starting classes last Wednesday to preparing for recruitment, I could feel the world spinning quickly around me. This summer I was blessed with months dedicated to just loving the Lord, however now the work of this world sets in. I have barely had a free moment between being an RA, planning Bible Studies, taking 17 hours, building relationships with my friends and Evan, and doing everything else my heart loves, that I can easily forget about my greatest Love.

This is exactly what our relationship with Him looks like too often. We praise Him when we feel moved, and we cry out to Him when we are in need, but we forget to Love Him, at least in the way He loves us. We are the ultimate adulterers, giving our love to other things. While loving other people and our jobs here on Earth is a great thing, forgetting the One who loves us is not as important as the things we put Him behind. But the good news is we have a God of mercy. Whenever I say that I immediately think of the needtobreathe song where it says “God of mercy, sweet love of mine, I have surrendered to your design, may this offering reach across the sky, these hallelujahs be multiplied” and oh how I love that song. These lyrics speak such sweet truth. He loves us regardless of what we put before Him, which still shakes my soul to think about. I am in awe that you love me so much, even though I long for the approval of this world,  and even though I long for the love of people before I long for You, because You are the reason we can love.

I thank you for the love You give. You are the best love I ever had.




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