“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

“Be sexy” “Be beautiful” “Get beach body ready” “Tone up” “Enhance this feature” “Hide that feature” Ladies, I know you’ve heard all of these before. You’re probably numb to phrases like these. Even though people have begun to promote healthier weights for girls, I still can’t help but think “why are we still so focused on body types or weight or any of this?” Now don’t get me wrong, the Lord wants us to be good stewards of our bodies, because they are vessels for His Kingdom! However, our beauty has nothing to do with a scale or a jean size. God has knit us together carefully, we are His artwork. Every detail of us has been planned out and thought for meticulously by the ultimate Creator! THAT is beauty!!

Too often us girls get so caught up in our own appearances that we forget our mission here on this world! The Lord has really convicted me of this in the past as I obsessed over food and running, trying to be as “fit” as I possibly could. I put fitness above the Lord and it really drove me apart from Him. I was determined to look better in a bikini than anyone else on the entire coast, which ultimately only caused me to feel lost, disappointed, and frustrated. Chasing after things that are not God Himself never result in the happiness we think we’re promised.

Our bodies are not our ultimate, and they shouldn’t be anyone else’s either! I know the phrase “modest is hottest” has such a negative connotation now, however I really believe it to be true! Dressing more modestly makes it so much easier for me to feel more comfortable in who I am as a child of God, and keeps me from getting distracted in making sure I look “beach ready”! This summer, all of the girls wore one-piece bathing suits and I don’t think I’m ever turning back! It put me into such a peaceful mindset, knowing that I wasn’t being judged by others based on how I looked, and I wasn’t able to criticize myself. Instead, I was able to focus on growing my relationship with the Lord!

As God’s creation, we are the art of the world, because we are an image of Christ that can advance God’s kingdom. Rest in this, because the Lord has made you into His masterpiece.


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